Wachovia Gets It!

So many times when I consult with homeowners who are in a financially distressed situation, it is a depressing conversation. There are only so many options available to a owner if they owe more than their home is worth in today's market. They can try to get a loan modification, try to short sale or let their home go into foreclosure. Successful loan mods and short sales are a gamble depending on who the lender is.

It is different at Wachovia. They get it. I met with a Wachovia Short Sales Manager last week(I am now trained to do Wachovia short sales) and discussed how Wachovia is making short sales easier for their homeowners(and their Realtors) to be successful.  No  faxing offers multiple times because they get lost, no waiting for short sale negotiators, etc. Wachovia wants to make their short sales work. Instead of waiting months to find out what might happen, with Wachovia homeowners can be moving on with their lives in 90 days(45 days to sell home, 45 for escrow).

If you have wanted to sell your home, but heard all the awful stories about the short sale process, call me. Short sales are getting better. Especially if your lender is Wachovia.