8 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home

Thinking of moving?

Thinking of moving?

You are considering moving, maybe your home is too small, the kids are all out of the house and you don’t need as much space, or you want to be closer to your work.  Right now its just a thought in the back of your mind.  As that thought starts to move to the front of your mind here are some things I suggest doing before you decide to move.

Ask yourself why do you want to move?  What is your objective?  Is it a long term or short term move?  Selling your home and moving can be expensive.  In the current real estate market I am advising all of my buyers that if they do not plan on staying in the home at least 5 years, they probably should not buy.

Identify the area you want to move to.  Research it.  Drive through the neighborhoods that interest you several different days and times.  I always suggest, during a weekday when everyone is at work, after work when everyone is coming home, and during the weekend.  Get out and talk to neighbors, ask them what they like and don’t like about the neighborhood.

Talk to a Realtor, ask them to give you an idea of what your home might sell for, both the high and the low.  Are homes in your area taking the average time to sell or longer?

Talk to your lender, to see what you might qualify for.  Is your credit report in good shape?  Can you make it better?

Go through your home and start to think about what you no longer want, start gathering those items up and either donate them or have a garage sale.

Complete all those “fix-it” items that have been on your to-d0-list.  Make sure everything is in good working order.

Now that you have an idea of the value of your home and the neighborhoods you would like to move to, ask your Realtor to send you homes that fit your needs in the areas you are targeting, and the price you desire.  Get an idea just how often homes that fit your needs come out on the market.  Pictures don’t tell the whole story.  Be sure to have your Realtor show you some of the homes that might be on your list to buy if you were ready to move.  Will that price range/type of home work for you?

Determine how you will “move” from one home to the next.  Are you going to sell your home first, and when in escrow try to find another home?  Or are you going to sell your home and move into a rental until you find just the perfect home.  Maybe you are going to rent out your current home.  There are pros and cons to all of the options.  If you are in a hurry to purchase another home, you may not get exactly what you want.  If you move into a rental, your moving more than once.  Renting your home takes additional time and possible resources.

If your thinking of moving, and need a Realtor to help you through the process contact me.  And if after you have done everything listed above and you don’t move, just think of that list of “fix-it” items you have completed!