Prairie Oaks Sees More Distressed Properties

Prairie Oaks

Prairie Oaks is going to see more bank owned homes.  Soon. There are three homes that have been foreclosed on, not on the market yet. Now it could be tomorrow or three months from now before we see them hit the market. It always depends on how fast the bank processes the property. One is a smaller home, a midsize and a larger home.

Prairie Oaks also has four homes due to go to auction within the next 45 days. A couple are smaller, one midsize and one larger home.

Prairie Oaks also has 10 homes with current Notice of Defaults filed on them, in some stage of foreclosure.

A total of five homes are for sale in Prairie Oaks,  only one is not a short sale. If the banks price the upcoming homes competitively our neighborhood should be able to absorb these homes pretty well.