Police toy drive is dialing 911 for help – Folsom Telegraph

As Christmas nears, the Folsom Police Department’s Toy Drive needs the community’s help.

Katie Pearce, whose husband was once a Folsom Police officer, is overseeing the drive. The problem is, she said, donations are down this year and the number of people registering for toys have gone up.

“Typically, we’ve helped out 600 or so local families. This year, however,” she said, “we’re now dealing with nearly 800 families.”

Tammy Thompson, with Twin Lakes Food Bank, has been working with Pearce on the toy drive. “We’re seeing an influx of families, for the first time, having to ask the food bank for help and registering with the toy drive for presents.”

Both women say that it is due to economics.

“Some people have been laid off. Others have had their hours slashed (or) put on furloughs. Businesses have shut down. We’ve all heard about it,” Thompson explained, “and now we’re seeing it here in our own community.”

Now, a lot of people who’ve found themselves in tight financial situations for the first time in their lives, Pearce said, are wondering how they make it through the holidays.

“I’m hoping that we can help them out,” Pearce said, “by making sure their kids have a good Christmas.”

In order for that to happen, Pearce and Thompson hopes that the community pulls together and helps local families in need.

Pearce said that people can help by donating toys. “We really need toys for boys and girls, ages 6 to 12. We’ve got plenty of stuffed animals and other toys – but we really need something for the (older) group.”

People can also make cash donations, Thompson said. “Then, we go out and do the shopping.”

The toy drive closes on Dec. 18. Pearce said that on Dec. 19, volunteers begin work on the food and gift baskets, destined to be distributed to local families on Dec. 21.

Those wishing to make donations or drop off toys can do so by going to one of the following locations: the police department on Natoma Street, the Twin Lakes Food Bank on 327 Montrose Drive, the Senior Center or the Folsom Aquatic Center. For further information, call 316-2782.

“Folsom is a giving community. I hope that some will help out this holiday season,” Thompson said.

“Let’s all work together and make this a special Christmas for these kids,” Pearce said.

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