Folsom’s Inventory Has Flipped

Folsom's home inventory has changed

Folsom’s home inventory has changed

Every day, almost without fail, around 1pm I make myself a salad and sit in front of my computer and look at the  MLS to review Folsom’s home inventory.  This is a specific time I take a count of the Folsom homes that are for sale, are pending or have sold during the current month.  I started doing this back in the early part of 2006 after the fall of 2005 happened (sudden halt to the market).  I need to know on a daily basis just what is going on.

Since about November 2015 Folsom has daily seen more homes in the pending column than in the active (for sale) column.  When this happens, we are selling more homes, than are coming available, and we are in a very hot seller’s market.  (see buyer or seller’s market)

As of June 23, 2016 Folsom’s home inventory has flipped.  Those daily numbers are now larger in the active column, not the pending column.  Not by much, as little as 4 more active than pending and as great as 14.  But it has changed.  It may just be a little trend, or we will continue to have just a few more homes for sale than go pending.  This does not change that it is a seller’s market.  But it is something to keep an eye on.