Folsom Schools Need Help!

Our great Folsom schools started this year on Monday. Our students at these schools are going to face some tough times with all the budget cuts, so there will be a real need for fundraising. Those of you who know me know that I have always been involved with the schools and believe the combination of great teachers and great parents are what gives our students such a great education.

Because our schools are so highly ranked and desirable, Folsom's home values have held better than other areas of the tri-county region, in my opinion. (I bet you wondered how this was related to real estate)

So many times a school will hold a fundraiser and the only people that are aware of it are the parents. I am going to create a new catagory called Folsom School Fundraisers. I will blog about the Folsom schools' fundraisers.  Then you can take advantage of perhaps a meal at a restaurant, yogurt, books, etc that you would purchase anyway and help out a school at the same time!

If you know of a Folsom school fundraiser, email me the info so that I can put it on my blog.