Folsom Real Estate Market Report

Folsom Home Pendings Up!

In June Folsom saw (and we continue to see) inventory increasing.  There are more Folsom homes for sale since May 2009.  What makes me happy is to see that our pendings are higher than any time in the past 15 months.

Folsom Home Sales

Folsom Home Inventory

Folsom pending sales are up 8.8% from this time last year, and up 31.8% from last month.  There was (and still is some) concern that the federal tax credit may have urged buyers to buy now, and there would be none to buy homes after the credit expired.  I hope I see the pendings sales continue!

Folsom Price Per Square Foot

Folsom is also seeing continued leveling in the average price per square foot for sold homes.  Down 3.6% from this time last year, but the same as last month.

Folsom continues to show that it is a desirable area and buyers are willing to get off the fence when they see the home that they want.

If you would like to see these charts (and more) in the price range or size of home you are looking for or own, contact me.