Folsom Median Home Price for July 2011

Folsom Median Home Price July 2011

The median price of a home in Folsom for July 2011 was $300,000.  If that number looks familiar to you, it is, May 2011 also saw the median home price in Folsom at $300,000.  In the month of July, 7 homes sold between $290,000 and $310,000.  The average size of the home was 1873 sqft, a bit larger than average in May.  The largest was 2,213 sqft and the smallest was 1,595 sqft.  They averaged $159.36 a square foot.  Average days on market for the 7 homes were 30 days.  Four of them under 15 days on market.  The oldest home was built in 1979 and the newest was 2005.

A year ago the same price range  only 2 homes sold averaging 1,875 sqft, at $164.92 a square foot.