Folsom Median Home Price for August 2011

This month Folsom’s median home price is up 2.3% from last month.  At $312,000 while a bit higher than last month, it is still lower than all but 2 months in the past 15.

Folsom Median Home Price August 2011

What does the median price home here in Folsom look like.  In August there were 8 homes sold priced between $302,000 and $322,000.   The average size was 1,984 square feet, with 1,640 square feet being the smallest and 2,470 the largest home in that price range.  The oldest home was 1986 and the newest was 2005.   The average price per square foot for the 8 homes in the median price range was $161.12, and on average the homes were on the market for 59 days.

A year ago, 6 homes sold in this price range, averaging 2,018 square feet, and $162.08 per square foot.