Folsom Homes For Sale Inventory Report January 2021

December Folsom Home Inventory

December 2020 Folsom Home Inventory


Folsom continues to see very low inventory of homes for sale. Folsom’s home inventory is down 55.6% from the same time last year. December 2020 had .4 months worth of inventory. (reminder 0-3 months inventory is a seller’s market, 4-5 months is a neutral market and anything 6 months or longer is a buyer’s market) Folsom has now gone six months with less than a month of inventory each month.

On average it took Folsom homes to sell in 21 days during the month of December 2020. We continue to see homes come on the market, 45 during December 2020 and 29 in December 2019. The Folsom home buyers are just snapping them up.

Today there are 25 homes for sale in Folsom!  Yes, 25!  I’ve gone back 15 years and the lowest we’ve gotten is between November 2012 and March 2013 when Folsom inventory dropped to under 100 homes for sale, running between 80 to 100.

Folsom’s real estate continues to be strong. Buyers need to make strong offers to increase their chances of getting an accepted offer. With an average of less than 60 homes for sale and selling at 100% of list price there is a lot of competition for every home for sale.

If you are considering selling or buying a home in the next several months, contact me now so that we can strategize on how best to maneuver through this hot real estate market.