Folsom Home Report for June 2021

Folsom home price by square foot June 2021

The price per square foot for Folsom homes in June 2021 was 27.5% higher than June 2020. Median home prices here in Folsom during June was $714,000 up 14.2% from the same time last year ($625,000).

Folsom homes continued to sell at 105% of list price (on average). That is now four months in a row homes have sold on averate of 104% or higher of list price. As I have written in the past, as far back as I can go (2003) I don’t show an average so high.

In June, the highest percentage of list price vs sold price was 119.83%. That home had 12 offers. The home listed at $509,000 and sold at $611,000. It was 1313 square feet. There were 101 homes that closed escrow in June, 12 sold for less than list price, 10 sold for exactly list price (all but 1 of those had multiple offers). The remaining 79 hmes all sold over list price. Three homes had 14 offers (highest number of offers in June). One of those hmes was listed at $925,000 and closed at $1,075,000. Pretty impressive that 14 buyers were interested in a $925,000 home (4/3, 2513sqft, single story with lovely outdoor kitchen, pool).

If you are considering selling in the next 12 months, or if you are just wondering “how much is my home worth in Folsom Ca?” please contact me. I would be happy to put together numbers for you and give you some ideas on strategies to take advantage of this real estate market.