Folsom Home Pricing, Today and Yesteryear

I don’t have to tell you Folsom home pricing has dropped.  It is hard sometimes to explain in percentages the drop. Below is the last 8 years of Folsom home pricing quarterly. Looking at this graph you can see that home prices have not been this low since October 2003. Sacramento County as a whole is back to April 2002 pricing. Now unless you are a seller that has to sell, this is good news. It is perhaps time to consider investing in real estate. I am currently working with several clients that are in the process of purchasing their first investment home. If you have young adult kids, that are just starting out, this may be the perfect time to help them with the purchase of their first home. I don’t have a crystal ball, but it is time to look at this real estate market as an opportunity, not as gloom and doom.

Folsom Home Sale Pricing Trends

Folsom Average Price Per Square Foot