Folsom Home Pricing for May 2016

Folsom Home Prices May 2016

Folsom Home Price May 2016

Even though Folsom’s home pricing moved down a bit from last month (2.1%) it still remains higher than the past several years.  The last time our average price per square foot was higher than $230 was in June 2007.  That month Folsom was running $237/sqft.

Our median home price in May 2016 was $505,000.  In June 2007 it was $475,000.

Homes continue to move at a brisk pace.  I have been noticing that we are having more open houses than in the past few months.  This past Saturday there were 30 homes open for viewing.  A few months ago we were lucky to have 5-10 homes open.  While a lot of agents are not allowing showings until the first open house, I believe this shows that homes are staying on the market a bit longer than before, because there is time to have an open house.

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