Folsom Home Price Report September 2021

Folsom Home Pricing

How much is my home worth in Folsom, CA?

The price per square foot for Folsom homes in August 2021 was 28.9% higher than August 2020. Median home prices here in Folsom during August was $775,000 up 21.5% from the same time last year ($638,000).

Folsom homes sold at 103% of list price (on average). Folsom has now gone 8 months with homes (on average) selling over 100% of list price.

In August, the highest percentage of list price vs sold price was 115.68%. That home had 6 offers. The home listed at $899,000 and sold at $1,040,000. It is 3040 square feet. There were 75 homes that closed escrow in August, 14 sold for less than list price, 8 sold for exactly list price (2 of those had multiple offers). The remaining homes all sold over list price. The highest number of offers in August was 11 offers for a home listed at $689,000, closed at $780,000.

If you are a Folsom home owner I bet every month you ask “How much is my home worth in Folsom, California?”

If you are interested in knowing what your home might be worth in today’s market, contact me. I am more than happy to give you an estimate on your Folsom home’s market value.