Folsom Bark & Splash

Folsom goes to the dogs!

Pool Play!

October 9, from 1 -4pm is the annual Bark and Splash.  The city of Folsom opens the Aquatic Center for the dogs.  If you have a dog, that is good with people/other dogs,  and loves the water, or likes to play, you should go.  Dogs must have written current rabies and on-leash to enter. After you are inside you can take them off their leash.  $10 per dog, humans with dogs are free.

The pool has a beach entry, and play structures, that the dogs love. I recommend bringing old tennis balls, or dog toys that you don’t mind loosing, the dogs tend to share and you may never see it again.  Also, while humans are not allowed in the water, as you can imagine, with all the dogs swimming and shaking, you tend to get wet anyway.

Pool Fun

Even though my dog is getting older, we will be going for a while.  It is just so much fun and puts a smile on your face to see little and big dogs playing.  If you see me out there, be sure and say hi.  I will be the one following an english springer spaniel named Shasta!

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Would you call this a school of dogs?