Five Oaks Realty Offers Shopping And Errands Help

In the past few weeks life has changed drastically. California is under a Stay at Home Order. The virus Corvid-19 is a concern for all of us.
Especially those who are older or their health is compromised.

If you or someone you know lives here in Folsom and needs grocery shopping or errands completed and are in a high risk group, please reach out to me.
Call/text me at 916 955-8698 or email me at I am more than happy to do your grocery shopping or errands during this time.

I’ve lived in Folsom for 23 years, love it here and the people that live here. I am happy to help any small way that I can.

(If you are not in Folsom, but need help, reach out to me. I may be able to find someone to help you in your area.)

Mechelle Reasoner
Five Oaks Realty
916 955-8698