Check Your October Tax Bill

Sacramento homeowners will soon be getting their 2009-2010 tax bills in the mail. Be sure and check to see what the tax assessor has listed as the assessed value. If the assessed value is higher than you believe it should be, you only have until November 30, 2009 to request a review.

The Decline-in-Market Value Request for Assessor Review Form asks for at least 2 properties of similar type and location that sold as close to January 1, 2009 as possible, but no later than March 31, 2009. This is where I come in! If you believe your assessment is high, contact me, and I can provide you with sales that match your home and location.

To check online for your 2009-2010 tax assessment, go to the Assessor’s Parcel Viewer to look up your 2009-2010 assessment.

There is also a process to disagree with the results of the review. There is a separate Application for Changed Assessment form that can be filed with the Assessment Appeals Board. The deadline for that filing is also November 30, 2009. To preserve your rights for appeal, if you disagree or have not been notified of the results of your review by November 1, 2009, you might want to file this form also.

The Sacramento County Tax Assessor has a great FAQ for more information.

If you have property in El Dorado County or Placer County I can also provide you with sale that match your home and location.

For El Dorado County Tax Assessor

For Placer County Tax Assessor