764 Keefer, Active with Release Clause

The home at 764 Keefer is active with a release clause.  Typically what that means is that someone made an offer on the home, and both the Seller and Buyer came to terms on price etc.  The Buyer probably has to sell their home to buy Keefer.  The Buyer’s home is probably for sale, but does not have a buyer for it.  So, the Seller’s have an agreement with the Buyers, that they will continue to market the home, and if another buyer comes in (and Seller and 2nd Buyer have come to terms) the first Buyer will have (typically) 72 hours to either remove their requirement that they sell their home, or cancel the agreement.

Prior to our MLS conversion (just happened this past week), it was a lot harder to market a home with a release clause.  Now, it is easier to have it show up as active, not as pending. So it can be a benefit to the Seller, who has a potential buyer, and a Buyer who does not want to sell their home prior to finding one.