365 Hansen Circle for Sale

The home on 365 Hansen Circle is for sale.  It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home, 1710 square feet. It is considered a short sale. Meaning the owner owes more than the home’s current market value.  It is priced at $350,000. As with all short sales, the price is nothing more than to get buyers in the door to take a look at and possibly make an offer on the home.  Once an offer is made, the bank or banks(sometimes 2 or 3) decides whether to accept the offer or not.  As we have seen with the short sale on 324 Graham Court, this can take months.  I know there are at least four offers on Graham currently.

Depending on a buyer’s timeframe, such as if you have a date you have to move by, short sales should not be on your list to see.